ForeSee CX Suite update brings single sign-on, improved Feedback tool, & more!

We’re constantly working to make ForeSee CX Suite the best solution for  busy customer experience professionals who want one solution to power all of their CX intelligence. And today, we’re pleased to roll out our latest product release.

In ForeSee CX Suite 17.3, we’ve added a Single Sign-On capability when logging in via the desktop portal. Single sign-on functionality, provided by ForeSee through the third-party service Okta, reduces administrative burdens to IT departments by eliminating friction due to employees forgetting log-in credentials. As ForeSee CX Suite is used by employees across many departments within an organization, this update should be very beneficial.

The new product release also includes improvements to our Feedback and Text Analytics tools, including:

  • Multi-Language Support — Create Feedback surveys in different languages. You can now replace the following buttons and links with the language of your choice: “Choose a Topic” drop down, “Submit” button, “OK” button, error message, privacy policy text, and more.
  • Adobe Analytics Integration — Our new Feedback integration with Adobe Analytics allows you to combine web analytics that answer the “what” questions with ForeSee CX insights that answer the “why” questions. Doing so will help you understand what’s really going on with your site visitors and how to improve their experience.
  • In-Page Analytics Whitelisting — For extra security, specify which of your sites have access to in-page reporting through the Global Settings.
  • Feedback Integration with Text Analytics — Efficiently surface keyword and topic trends from your Feedback survey open ended responses using Text Analytics. Previously only available for CX surveys, this direct integration allows for an easy analysis of unstructured data from all your Feedback surveys.
  • Respondent Drill Down — From any open-ended comment in your Text Analytics dashboard, drill down into the respondent details to see satisfaction, replays, survey responses, and user information.

Curious to learn more about how ForeSee CX Suite can improve your CX strategy? Visit the CX Suite page on our website for an overview, or contact us today to schedule a custom demo.

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