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ForeSee Feedback now integrated into the new CX Suite


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ForeSee CX Suite Featured

Last week, as part of our Fall Release, we released ForeSee CX Suite, an integrated toolkit of our popular CX applications. ForeSee clients who use Feedback received early invitations to try out CX Suite, as Feedback is now fully integrated and only accessible through CX Suite. Feedback remains the same amazing tool allowing you to collect feedback from opt-in customer surveys, but how you access it is changing.

What is changing

Feedback new login screen

New login screen for Feedback Customers.

New login – Feedback clients now access the application through the new ForeSee CX Suite, which replaces the “Feedback” option on your portal login page. You can now log into one place to view data from both your CX Measurement (model-based) and Feedback (opt-in) surveys, saving time and making it easier to extract insights about CX data.

Upon logging in, an overview of Feedback projects are now available via the CX Suite “Surveys” tab.

A screenshot of the enhanced survey look and feel.

A screenshot of the enhanced survey look and feel.

New survey creation & more modern survey appearance – Creating a new Feedback survey is slightly different. Rather than navigating to a separate tab, Feedback clients now click a blue button located at the top right-hand corner of the Feedback section in the CX Suite “Surveys” tab. The interface for the Survey Builder, however, is fairly similar to what it looked like previously.

The front-end look and feel of Feedback surveys has been updated, including left alignment of questions and a more prominent submit button. (Customizing the logo, background image, and title is still done via the “Survey Builder” interface.)

A screenshot of the Skip Logic feature.

Skip logic feature

Skip logic – Clients now have more control to customize survey questions with new skip logic functionality, which allows you to hide or show follow-up questions based on earlier responses.

As part of skip logic, you’ll also be able to make questions required.

Analytics & Reporting – To retrieve Feedback analytics, go to the “Surveys” tab to select a particular survey. You’ll next see three options just below that tab: “Summary,” “The Survey,” “Respondents.” Here you can  specify date range, time period, and access in-page analytics using the sidebar menu. Also, downloading reports for a Feedback survey is easier now, and can be done by simply clicking the “Download CSV” button in the top right-hand corner.

Alerts (Notifications) – Feedback clients should also take note that survey “alerts” now appear as “Notifications” — accessible through the new Notifications tab.

Learn more about Feedback integration into ForeSee CX Suite

For more detail on our integration of Feedback into ForeSee CX Suite, please refer to our Fall 2016 Product Release Notes, available in the Help and Training Guide in CX Suite.

Still have questions? Contact your ForeSee account manager.

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