November 09, 2018 | Christine Tran

ForeSee named a Gartner Leading Voice-of-Customer Solution — and Why Causality Matters


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We’re proud of the work we do, so we’re delighted when someone else acknowledges our leadership.

Gartner has again included ForeSee in its annual Market Guide for VOC Solutions.

From more than 1,000 vendors that help capture customer feedback, Gartner rates 26 VOC solutions on four criteria for differentiation: Reporting and Analytics, Automated Action, Customer Journeys, and Professional Services. If you’re a Gartner client, download the report to see the vendor ratings.

We take particular note of one of its key findings:

“The market is now evolving to encompass correlation, regression, root cause, and sometimes even causality analysis.”

The emphasis on “causality analysis” is ours. One of the things that’s hard to uncover when comparing VOC solutions is that many claim predictive analytics and driver analysis, but it’s always based on correlation. None can yet provide causal analysis like ForeSee.

Why does it matter?

If you talk to any of our clients, they’ll tell you in a few simple words:

Trust in our CX insights.

When you’re committing and shifting significant resources from one priority to another, minimizing risk is critical.

Our clients trust our voice-of-customer insights because they provide a clear path forward, based on a casual model that tells them to do X in order to achieve Y. In the context of CX, it helps decision makers identify the improvements that will have the most impact on business growth.

What’s even better is that this causal model is plug and play in ForeSee CX Suite. You don’t have be a data scientist to do the work and see the value. And you get the added benefit of a consolidated solution for analysis, automated insights, and actioning.

Take a look at what we’ve been up to: How ForeSee CX Suite Delivers CX Agility and Prioritization

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