October 11, 2018 | Christine Tran

ForeSee Named VOC Specialist in Forrester Voice of Customer Report


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We’re excited to be included as a VOC Specialist in Forrester’s Now Tech report focused on Voice of the Customer (VOC) providers.

In the report, Forrester provides an overview of 28 VOC vendors and recommends that buyers evaluate a VOC partner based on size and functionality, as well as other factors like verticals and geographies.

ForeSee is included among:

  1. “Large” providers, or those with over $75M in annual category revenue, and
  2. “VOC Specialists,” defined as VOC providers focused on a subset of VOC, for example on digital channels

We’ve been at the forefront of helping companies transform their digital experiences, with expertise in helping our customers understand digital’s influence across the entire journey. Take a look at how we helped:

Our approach has always focused on helping companies identify the most important drivers of satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and business growth  — in digital, and across the entire customer journey.

For more on Forrester’s POV, Forrester clients can download the full report: “Now Tech: Voice Of The Customer (VoC) Vendors, Q4 2018.”

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