February 15, 2017 | Christine Tran

ForeSee Priority Index: A powerful tool for prioritizing your CX improvements


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We hear it all the time: Today’s CX leaders are constantly looking for better insights to make increasingly complex business decisions. And while Voice of Customer programs are powerful, many lack science-driven, actionable insights.

That’s why we created ForeSee Priority Index, a new feature of the ForeSee CX Suite that helps business leaders make better decisions on where to invest limited resources across the customer journey.

How does ForeSee’s Priority Index work?

We’ve taken the same, proven methodology we’re known for, that helps companies prioritize the drivers of customer experience at discrete touchpoints, and applied it across the entire omnichannel customer journey.

Priority Index calculates customer experience scores for all your customer touchpoints, and rank orders these touchpoints by lowest score and highest impact.

Here’s a visualization that helps explain the difference, based on ForeSee’s priority map view:

Prioritizing micro-drivers of CX at discrete touchpoints like the Website Browse experience.

Above: Priority Index view – Prioritizing CX issues across the omnichannel customer journey.

What does ForeSee Priority Index look like?

ForeSee Priority Index is core to the ForeSee CX Suite and our new ForeSee Mobile app. It’s the first view you’ll see when you log into either, and how we encourage customer-focused leaders to start their day.

The voice of your customer is powerful, but what’s more powerful is being able to make sense of it, prioritize limited resources, and invest in customer experience improvements that will have the biggest impact.

To learn more about ForeSee CX Suite and our patented Priority Index, download our CX Suite Overview from the ForeSee CX Suite page or contact a ForeSee rep today.

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