February 01, 2016 | Joe Davis

ForeSee Reaches Out to Flint


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water1In response to the water crisis in Flint, Michigan – not far from ForeSee’s headquarters in Ann Arbor – one of our team members reached out to see if our local employees wanted to donate safe water to a local Flint Area Elementary School. What started as an idea from one person – our Technical Support Specialist Frank Erve – escalated into a rallying cry for our entire company.

water2Initially, a few local people in our Ann Arbor office responded to an email on January 15 and donated the collection of water pictured above and banded together to load it into staff SUVs and minivans. By January 22, more than 100 cases of water were collected, and Frank realized that we needed to rent a 15-foot truck to accommodate the tremendous response to the needs of our neighbors in Flint! Moved by the crisis, our CEO and other members of executive staff donated funds to a Flint area children’s charity.

water3Having lived in Michigan my whole life, it fills me with pride to be part of a company that gives back to the place it calls home despite our global reach. ForeSee’s roots have always been in Michigan, and I’m glad to see us lend a hand to one of our communities in what is certainly a difficult time. If you would like to help continue the effort provide the people of Flint with clean potable water, please visit The United Way’s Flint Water Fund.

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Joe Davis is a Solutions Consultant at ForeSee, a member of the company’s events committee and an avid coffee enthusiast. He joined ForeSee in 2014 and is loathe to discuss himself in the third person. Joe brings years of experience and humor to his role with the company.

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