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Time to Get Psyched for ForeSee Summit 2016: An Overview


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The ForeSee Summit is the one time of the year we have our clients’ full and undivided attention, and so it should come as no surprise that we’ve put a ton of effort and energy into making sure attendees walk away with valuable insights on how to drive their CX strategies to the next level.

Improve your strategies through workshops

If you’re attending Summit, then that means you already have access to an incredible set of technologies and services for determining — and utilizing — the satisfaction data of your customers. The first day of Summit is jam-packed with important workshop sessions presented by members of the ForeSee Product Expert team, with the goal of improving your strategies and how you can better use ForeSee’s technology to do so.

The best part about these sessions is that there will be something interesting to share regardless of how long you’ve been working with ForeSee to improve customer experience. For example, the “Amplifying Voice of Customer with Sentiment Analytics” workshop from Scott Lindsay and Michelle Zurfluh is aimed at beginners. Then there’s a workshop session targeted at advanced users from Kristofer Klette and Gayle Taub who will “share the top ten tricks to maximize the impact of your ForeSee data including ways to uncover deeper insights and proven strategies for socializing data to key internal stakeholders.”

Check out a full account of all the Tuesday workshops on the ForeSee Summit App (iOS or Android) or via the Summit website.

Gain insights from other companies

Last week we heard an analyst on our Client Success team mention that the one thing she hears over and over is how valuable it is to learn about how other industries and businesses are managing their customer experience success strategies — more specifically, how much they learn just by hearing things from a different perspective outside their industry.

At this year’s Summit, we’ll have a slew of case studies that will provide those kinds of outside perspectives that can be valuable when building and revising your strategy to get the the most out of your customer experience data.

For instance, on day two of Summit we’ll be learning about how Helzberg Diamonds structured its entire organization to encourage sharing of customer insights across channels to improve its strategy, specifically: “you will hear a step-by-step process to implement cross channel sharing practices in your organization and a specific example from the Helzberg team where data from the contact center helped illuminate and resolve a customer challenge on their ecommerce site…” Or perhaps shifting a bit away from retail to peer into how NASDAQ is using ForeSee as an extension of its team to identify and roll out improvements to its website.

Also presenting case studies are Allstate, NLM, Abbott Nutrition, Rack Room Shoes, rue21, Canadian Tire, United States Postal Service, and many more.

The location of ForeSee's client Desert Springs Dinner Party at the beautiful, historic Hotel Lautner.

The location of ForeSee’s client Desert Springs Dinner Party at the beautiful, historic Hotel Lautner.

Networking with other professionals

There’s plenty you’ll be able to glean from our case study presentations, but sometimes the best way to grab new insights on your customer experience initiatives is simply speaking to other professionals one-on-one. At Summit, we’ve provided a handful of dedicated opportunities to do just that. Once you’ve been exposed to case studies and workshops, we’ve set aside time on Wednesday evening for a moderated roundtable discussion focusing on topics of interests, industries, and specific channels. Want to know more? Make sure you download the ForeSee Summit app for all the details!

In addition to roundtables, we’ll be providing attendees with a more casual networking opportunity during the Desert Springs Dinner Party at the historic Hotel Lautner, where there will be great food and even better discussion to be had.

Meet our executive team

ForeSee’s leadership will be attending in full effect at this year’s Summit. Whether it be on stage talking about our vision, strategy, and recent benchmarks during our keynote session or mingling during our networking events, ForeSee executives will be sharing their own insights and listening to your thoughts.

A peek at the future of ForeSee products

Perhaps the most exciting thing we’ll get to discuss at Summit is ForeSee’s product roadmap, an overview of the company’s new cloud-based enterprise platform that will span across all of our products and services to provide a centralized location for reviewing all your CX data in one convenient place. Not only that, but Summit is the only place you’ll get a chance to hear about new ForeSee dashboards as well as see demos of what’s to come. Believe us, it’s exciting stuff that you won’t want to miss!

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