January 15, 2014 | Don Morrison

ForeSee Summit Conference Registration Is Open


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Registration for the 2014 ForeSee Summit Is Open!
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One of the events I anticipate most each year is the ForeSee Summit, a conference that brings together our clients, product experts and the ForeSee team in a relaxed setting and gives us all the chance to learn from one another. So it’s my pleasure to announce that event registration is now open for this year’s Summit, which takes place April 29 to May 1.


The 2014 ForeSee SummitPracticing What We Preach … in Las Vegas

Using the ForeSee methodology to measure attendees’ satisfaction with the Summit last year, we recorded our highest rating ever – an 89 on our 100-point scale. But, as we tell our clients, good is never good enough. We know we have a lot of competition for our customers’ time and travel budgets. So, with insights gleaned from our clients, we’re making this year’s event better than ever.

More Networking.

The 2014 Summit will be held at Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. Overlooking the stunning Red Rock Canyon, this beautiful resort is large enough to offer both accommodations and meeting space under one roof (we outgrew the available sites in Ann Arbor, Michigan!). Hosting people and events at this single site will leave more time for formal and informal networking during the conference.

Actionable Content.

It’s a complicated, multichannel world out there, and our clients tell us they want to see how their colleagues are putting the ForeSee customer experience measure platform to work. There will be plenty of customer-lead, industry-specific case study presentations and best practices sharing at the event.

This year’s Summit will feature content focused on the strategic value and use of customer experience analytics across brands and channels, as well as deep-dive sessions to help day-to-day users get more value out of the ForeSee tools. We’ll also be demonstrating and talking about the recently launched ForeSee cx360 Executive Portal, a tool to help management gauge what’s happening across the business at a high level, and the ForeSee cx360 Platform, which is enabling companies to measure and understand the multichannel customer experience and the interactions between channels.

Expert Insights.

Our Summit attendees always rate our keynote presentation as one of the most satisfying aspects of the conference. So, two industry-expert speakers are better than one, right? This year, we’re very excited that Jonah Berger and Don Peppers will be joining us.

Jonah Berger is the author of the bestselling book Contagious: Why Things Catch On and the James G. Campbell associate professor of marketing at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He’ll combine groundbreaking research and powerful stories as he shares why ideas spread, some products get more word-of-mouth than others and certain online content goes viral.

Don Peppers is one of the leading authorities on customer-focused relationship management strategies for business. An acclaimed author and a founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, he’ll discuss how you can create the maximum value from your scarcest resource – your customer – as he takes us all on a whirlwind tour of some of the latest thinking in business competition.

Register Now

It’s going to be a fun, productive conference, so reserve your space now. I look forward to seeing you at the 2014 ForeSee Summit in Las Vegas!

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As Executive Vice President & General Manager, Don is responsible for driving growth and delivering value to our clients. His focus is to leverage the combined assets of the Answers Cloud Services platform to help businesses measure and improve the multichannel customer experience to deliver better business results. Don has almost 30 years of experience in executive management, sales management, consulting and strategic planning, including several international assignments. Prior to joining ForeSee in 2009, he was an executive for GMAC Commercial Finance and Compuware Corporation, and held senior management positions at MascoTech, Inc., Coopers & Lybrand, and Deloitte & Touche. Don has an MBA degree from Bowling Green State University and a BBA degree from Eastern Michigan University.

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