November 26, 2012 | Eric Feinberg

ForeSee’s 5 Tips for a Better Mobile Experience

You’ve read the blogs (I hope). You’ve seen the presentation (I hope). Now you can get all the tips, expanded insights, and in-depth analysis of what is formerly known as “Tips to be Mobiletastic” all in one convenient white paper, Keeping Pace with Mobile: ForeSee’s 5 Tips for a Better Mobile Experience, which was released to the public on Monday.

You’ve heard us say it before and we’ll continue to say it until it isn’t true anymore but, the mobile world is maturing at a lightning pace. And if you’re not measuring it as an essential touch point for your company, then you are operating in the dark. Knowing mobile best practices and what is and isn’t working with your peers and in your industry is a good start, but knowing and understanding YOUR customers and their wants, needs, and expectations will lead you down a road to success.

ForeSee’s goal is to help create a better mobile world—for the organizations building and maintaining mobile sites and apps and for the people who use them. That’s why we published this paper. And that’s why you should download it for free on our website.

Here is an excerpt:

It’s confusing enough myopically, looking at just the mobile experience. What makes it even more perplexing is that today’s consumers are multi-channel, multi-device consumers that push the boundaries of traditional engagement. Mobile has an impressive duality, making for a complex, sometimes hard-to-navigate environment. The duality being: mobile is both a stand-alone channel where someone can engage with it alone, and a companion channel where it supports other experiences they might be having with the brand.

ForeSee's 5 Tips for a Better Mobile ExperienceThat’s why it’s so important to know: How are you doing? Are you meeting your mobile visitors’ needs? Are you exceeding their expectations? Are you encouraging them to transact with you in other channels like your store, your traditional website and your company’s social media page? Are they more likely to consume content in other channels that you own, such as print publications, your website, or on your Facebook page? How does their mobile experience contribute to their overall brand perception? Is their experience with your mobile app making them more or less likely to buy from you? Are you inadvertently driving them to competitors?

These are all hard questions to answer, but they need to be answered. Companies need to start by measuring. Using a reliable, accurate, and sensitive technology to do so will help answer the tough questions and shine a light on what is and isn’t working and which changes and improvements will work to retain and gain customers and prospects.

Download the full white paper here.

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