November 13, 2017 | The XM Blog

Gartner anticipates greater expectations and challenges for CX professionals in 2018


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Marketer Challenges

Almost half of marketers responsible for customer experience (CX) have established the relationship between CX and business outcomes, according to a new study by Gartner Group. So, it’s not surprise that the majority of organizations expecting to compete on customer experience within the next two years is still rising. Gartner’s survey also found that the marketing leaders responsible for CX will face greater challenges and expectations going forward.

Other notable findings from the new Gartner Customer Experience in Marketing Survey include:

  • 4 out of 5 CX professionals predict their brand will compete with rivals completely (or near completely) on CX by late 2019
  • Marketing departments have a greater responsibility for CX throughout their organization, but face declining authority as other departments are tapped to share those responsibilities
  • CX budgets are increasing, but not necessarily for marketing departments, as half of marketers surveyed don’t anticipate a change to their budgets in 2018.

Gartner also recently released its 2017 Market Guide for Voice-of-the-Customer Solutions. In it, the research firm defines four criteria for VOC solutions: Reporting and Analytics, Automated Action, Customer Journey, and Professional Services. Vendors — from early stage startups to industry leaders like ForeSee — are rated across three levels of sophistication and capabilities. ForeSee CX Suite is called out for its omnichannel CX measurement capabilities across digital, stores and locations, and contact center, as well as third party data integration:

ForeSee is best known for its ability to understand and benchmark the drivers behind web experiences by blending contextual survey questions with the associated operational web session data. The value proposition also encompasses the contact center, stores and locations, and other interaction channels, as well as the integration of data from associated third-party feedback sources such as social media.

Gartner consistently does a good thorough job with its research and insights. That said, there are two criteria we think are overlooked in the new VOC Market Guide: benchmarking and prioritization. Decision-making needs context, the kind that comes from benchmarking every touchpoint in your customer journey against competitors and best in class performers. ForeSee has benchmarks collected from close to 250 million surveys across more than 600 industries and subcategories. The other requirement of a complete VOC solution is the ability to prioritize — with science and certainty. How do you make the right decisions when you have to stitch together data and metrics. The ForeSee Priority Index gives our clients a single measurement yardstick to pinpoint exactly where to focus CX improvements.

Adding the ability to benchmark and prioritize CX investments is essential selecting a mature VOC solution if you want to link customer experience to real business outcomes.

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