July 30, 2018 | Christine Tran

Link Business Decisions to Business Outcomes with the ForeSee Methodology


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Go beyond surveys: Get insights from proven science

One of the things ForeSee is well known for is our web survey, or web intercept. We take pride in that because it means that so many top brands trust ForeSee to help them measure and manage the customer experience. What many people don’t know is that behind our humble survey is a dynamic methodology that’s powered by decades of academic research, and vetted and validated by our clients for nearly 20 years.

We’ve got a helpful new resource that explains the science behind the ForeSee methodology and describes how our clients use it to prioritize CX improvements that have the most business impact. Download our e-book: The ForeSee Methodology: Bring Certainty to CX Decisions — with Proven Science, and learn:

  • Why the voice of customer is essential to measuring CX
  • Why surveys aren’t enough
  • How measuring CX with science helps you prioritize improvements and predict business outcomes
  • What makes the ForeSee methodology unique, and why it works

Every business wants to increase revenue, conversions, and customer loyalty. Our e-book shows you how using a proven causal-model methodology for measuring CX gives  business leaders a prioritization framework and a reliable CX decisioning tool that helps them reach those goals.

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