March 03, 2017 | The XM Blog

How much Grit do you have? Take this quiz ahead of 2017 ForeSee Summit


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The level of “Grit” a person has could be as important, if not more, than having talent and luck when it comes to achieving success. So says 2017 ForeSee Summit keynote speaker Angela Duckworth, who is also the scientific director of Character Lab, a nonprofit organization dedicated to furthering the science and practice of character development.

“Grit is about having what some researchers call an ‘ultimate concern’ — a goal you care about so much that it organizes and gives meaning to almost everything you do,” Duckworth states on her website. “And grit is holding steadfast to that goal. Even when you fall down. Even when you screw up. Even when progress toward that goal is halting or slow.”

Fortunately, “grit” can be measured to some degree thanks to a useful quiz Duckworth has made available. The Grit Scale quiz contains 10 short questions in order to provide you with a score that is meant to reflect how passionate and persevering you see yourself to be. There are no right or wrong answers.

As our annual client event quickly approaches, we thought it would be enlightening to get an idea of where you fall on the Grit Scale ahead of Duckworth’s keynote presentation at Connect: The ForeSee Summit.

While results of the quiz are private, we’d love to hear thoughts. (Did you score higher or lower than you expected?) You can share your Grit scale experience with us on Twitter, or by joining the ForeSee Summit Community Forum LinkedIn group.

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