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Highly Satisfied B2B Customers More Likely to Recommend, Use Again


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There are many, many differences between B2Bs and B2Cs. But if you look closely you will see many commonalities as well. For one thing, online customer satisfaction plays a key role in one just as much as it does in the other.

The benchmark we released today reflects more than 15,500 surveys collected just in the month of May for 33 B2B sites large and small (such as Cummins, Eaton, Emerson Network Power, Gale-Cengage, HNI Enterprise, MSC Industrial Supply, Praxair, ProQuest, and Scholastic).

Here’s what we found. Based on likelihood scores, highly-satisfied B2B website customers report being:

  • 67% more likely than less satisfied customers to return to the website.
  • 79% more likely to purchase in the future.
  • 133% more likely to recommend the website to a friend.

When you look at the overall B2B industry average of 64 there is clearly some work to be done in this space compared to the ForeSee Website Index that indicates the average customer satisfaction for all websites hovered around 70 in May of this year.

Satisfied B2B Customers are more likely to recommend, returnBut if you look at the range of individual scores (26 to 86) you can see that some B2B organizations are doing a very good job at meeting (and in some cases even exceeding) their customers’ expectations, wants, and needs. Unfortunately, some are not.

This is where benchmarking can be very beneficial. It offers companies, whether measured in this study or not, the opportunity to see where they stack up in the industry. But it shouldn’t stop there.

If you’re a B2B organization and you want to make your customers more likely to return to the website, to purchase, and to recommend…you should measure the experiences your customers are having with your company. If done right you can then focus on what elements are most important to customers and make improvements that will have the greatest impact on improving the customer experience. You’ll then see a definite difference in your bottom line.

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