December 20, 2016 | The XM Blog

How do top U.K. retailers stack up in web CX? Find out in the 2016 U.K. ForeSee Experience Index


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U.K. retailers have the potential to make customer experience a true competitive edge, gaining a leg up on rivals and improving their bottom line.

In the 2016 U.K. ForeSee Experience Index, released today, average CX with websites in the U.K. dropped a point this year, from 75 to 74. That’s considerably higher than when ForeSee first started measuring U.K. e-retailers (66), but still well below the equivalent for American websites (79) this year. There are a few explanations for these results, explained at length in the report.

Download the newly released 2016 U.K. ForeSee Experience Index today.

The 2016 U.K. FXI also includes valuable insights on the customer journey. For instance, web shoppers in the U.K. who have a great CX are 45% more likely to buy from another channel (such as mobile or in-store) and 63% more likely to recommend the retailer. Additionally, 45% of consumers surveyed are only using the website for research — thus challenge the outdated importance of conversion rather than contribution.

The U.K. FXI uses ForeSee’s recognized methodology to measure the experiences of consumers shopping or browsing during the holiday shopping season. Over 40,000 survey responses in the U.S. and U.K. were collected for this year’s report. The result is a series of scores on a 100-point scale with accompanying analysis that retailers can use to compare themselves to competitors, measure changes in satisfaction levels over time, and predict future revenue and loyalty. (The U.S. version of the FXI was released last week and is available to download now.)

Download the 2016 U.K. FXI today.

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