January 07, 2013 | The ForeSee Blog

How "Mobile" Are Financial Services Mobile Site Users?


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Financial services app users, in contrast to m.site users, are proving to be true “mobile” users, who are more likely to use the mobile application while away from home, work, and school.

According to The 2012 ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction: Financial Services Edition, published in November, 2012:

  • 14% percent of m.site users were out and about when engaged with the company, while
  • 23% of app users engaged with the company on the go.

While ForeSee research shows that app users are more likely to be engaged while out and about, it also shows they display higher satisfaction (79 vs. 76) and future behaviors than those on the go with a mobile website.

Financial Services Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Sites

Read the full report here.

The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Financial Services Edition

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