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How the U.S. election will impact holiday shopping (Infographic)


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Election FXI - Top Image

Many retailers are understandably curious as to how the election will affect consumer behavior heading into the winter holiday shopping season. As part of the 2016 ForeSee Experience Index (FXI), which is due out next month, ForeSee asked American consumers how the election will impact their holiday shopping behavior. The results are reflected here in our post-election infographic. The data is from a sample of more than 1,500 web and mobile retail shoppers surveyed Nov. 4-9.

The results provide some great insights, while also reinforcing a very important point about customer experience — namely, that there will always be outside factors (such as a major election) affecting CX that retailers cannot control. That means it’s more important than ever to measure and improve the things you can control.

Echoing that aforementioned point, the study shows that Republicans were significantly more satisfied with their digital experience than those who identified as Democrats on November 9, the day after the election. But both the day before the election and on election day, satisfaction remained relatively consistent among consumers regardless of political affiliation.

Of course, political affiliation and election results don’t entirely guide consumer behavior for holiday shopping. Two-thirds of shoppers say the election itself will have no effect on their spending plans. Broken down by age, 40% of millennials and 28% of GenXers actually plan to spend more during the holidays, compared to just 2% of baby boomers.

Check out the illustration below for more insights on how consumer behavior will impact holiday shopping this year.


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