December 08, 2016 | The ForeSee Blog

Retailers: Are you tapping the right expertise?


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Questioning research

Fresh off the heels of the big black Friday holiday shopping sales bonanza, you may have noticed lots of well-known organizations coming out of the woodwork to offer reports on consumer behavior data — most of it not very insightful or useful.

Screenshot of not very compelling holiday shopping research presented via the Think With Google blog.

Screenshot of not very compelling holiday shopping research presented via the Think With Google blog.

Case in point, a recent report on the Think With Google blog that provides stats about holiday shopping, including such gems as “Store foot traffic jumped 65% on Black Friday, compared to an average weekend day in November” (ya think?) as well as other obvious “insights.” Now while Google’s primarily concerned with its search advertising customers, it frames these findings as applicable across the retail industry. And that can be dangerous.

As a customer experience professional, content from sources like Google may seem relevant and useful (not to mention free), but you can’t use that data to inform decision-making when running a business.  Such information does not consider the customer experience, satisfaction, loyalty, or any of the other major elements retailers must consider when running a robust CX strategy.

As mentioned just last week here on the ForeSee blog, gaining access to a credible, trusted source of expertise is an essential part of any successful CX strategy. And since we’ve been in the CX business for over a decade, ForeSee happens to have some of the best expertise available. For instance, we’re getting ready to publish the highly anticipated ForeSee Experience Index (FXI) 2016 Retail Edition report, which provides research commentary and invaluable information, such as whether major retailers met and exceeded shopper expectations this holiday season and much more.

Not only that, but we also provide dedicated analysts to work with our clients as well as an incredible treasure trove of benchmarks, which provide organizations with a “yardstick” to determine whether the experience they are providing to customers is exceeding or falling short of industry averages and customer expectations.

More specifically, ForeSee has over 600 benchmark categories across various industries and sectors, and more than 70 specific to retailers. That said, the next time you have the urge to use consumer data from a handful of internet searches, remember you’re paying for what you get.

There’s just no substitute for great expertise.

Interested in learning about 2016’s top holiday shopping CX insights uncovered in the annual ForeSee Experience Index? Request a copy of the FXI today (to be released December 14) — or better yet, schedule a time to meet with ForeSee at the upcoming NRF BIG Show in NYC.

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