October 25, 2016 | Greg Kowalewski

Summit presentations that score big: How to make your proposal stand out


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ForeSee Summit Speaker

With 2017 Connect: The ForeSee Summit just a few months away, we’re in search of client speakers who want to share their customer experience (CX) measurement successes and inspire their peers. Each year in our post-event attendee experience survey, Summit attendees make it abundantly clear that these client presentations are an invaluable component of the event. And it’s always exciting to hear how the insights gained from such sessions help CX professionals improve the way that they are leveraging VOC in their organizations upon returning home.

If you have a passion for understanding and improving customer experiences we invite you to submit a speaking proposal before the November 18 deadline. Presenting at Summit provides a tremendous opportunity to showcase your skills as a CX professional to a room full of like-minded peers, all hungry for new insights to make their own efforts more effective. Additionally, it allows you to promote your organization’s focus on customer experience and highlight the importance placed on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Sounds great, you say, but what makes a compelling, interesting and useful presentation?

Based on speaker evaluations conducted every year, we have uncovered common attributes that make the top performing sessions stand out from the crowd. These elements are universal — regardless what industry the speaker represents, the complexity of their organization or how long they’ve been measuring the customer experience. The themes that drive successful Summit presentations include:

A captivated audience made up of CX professionals at 2016 Connect: The ForeSee Summit.

A captivated audience made up of CX professionals at 2016 Connect: The ForeSee Summit.

Socializing CX data. CX data provides a wealth of insight that can help an organization make key strategic decisions, unfortunately all too often that data doesn’t get exposed to a broad enough audience within a company to impact change. Because of this challenge, sessions that focus on proven strategies for socializing CX data throughout an organization (and up the executive ladder) often receive the highest usefulness ratings from the Summit audience. This theme is also a key part of stories that focus on sharing data to break down organizational silos. (At Connect 2016, rue21 gave a great presentation that told the story of how they were able to socialize CX insights throughout the company to drive significant improvements in response to the needs of their evolving customer base.)

Storytelling with data. Data on its own is definitely powerful, but not everyone “speaks data”. When communicating with cross-disciplinary and cross-functional teams across your organization, the ability to turn data into stories that resonate can help you move mountains. For this reason, presentations that share best practices for packaging and presenting CX data in new and unique ways are always a hit. Last year, one of the most popular sessions was by Peter Gargiulo from the Wayne County Airport Authority, who shared how he transformed data into relatable stories for his board that helped gain their buy-in for several of his customer experience initiatives. From data visualization techniques, to data integration that illuminates the customer journey, to combining attitudinal data with session replays to bring context to a customer challenge, any sessions focused on bringing CX data to life are sure to be well attended and highly rated.

Providing actionable advice. Each year our attendees tell us that one of the most important elements of a great case study is providing actionable “how to” advice that they can apply immediately within their organizations. Explaining how you were successful is helpful, but providing takeaways that CX professionals can implement to improve their own strategies is invaluable.

Operationalizing CX data. How do you take CX data and integrate it into your processes across the operation so that you don’t only make incremental improvements, but drive lasting change? Success stories outlining the steps taken to achieve this level of integration are highly sought after by Summit attendees. At the 2016 Summit, presentations by Canadian Tire and the UK telecommunications provider Three both shared how they have instituted customer satisfaction as a KPI within their organizations and have organized their teams and processes around driving improvements that benefit their customers.

While these themes have consistently resonated with Summit audiences over the years, they are by no means meant to be a restrictive list. We know that you, our amazing clients, are doing incredible things with our products and services every day, and we encourage you to share those stories with the rest of the ForeSee Community in Phoenix next April.

The ForeSee team is here to help you craft your story and hone your presentation, so feel free to reach out with any questions. I look forward to seeing you all at Connect 2017: The ForeSee Summit!

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