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How Virginia Lottery Evolved its Digital Strategy Using CX and UX


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How your business deals with customer struggles on digital channels right now is vitally important. Our recent webinar with Virginia Lottery provided insights relevant to any organization that aspires to listen closely to customer needs and meet changing demands—and has special insights relevant to today’s COVID-19 challenges.

Virginia Lottery has built up a loyal customer base during its 30-year history and it prides itself on providing a fun and engaging environment for lottery players. So, when customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores dropped drastically following a site redesign in January 2019, its CX team set out to understand what wasn’t working and create a plan to make improvements as soon as possible.

“Our CSAT scores had been up around 80 for both desktop and mobile,” said Daniel Catley, Digital Customer Experience Manager at Virginia Lottery. “Those scores dropped to 24 on desktop and 50 on mobile. So we had some work to do.”

In addition to those data points, Virginia Lottery had direct insight into customer sentiment through text verbatims. Customer comments such as “bring back the old website,” “this upgrade is awful,” and “can’t find a damn thing” made it clear that Daniel’s team needed to delve deep into customer listening to make the relaunch meet the high standards of its very dedicated users.

Listening From the Start

Before and during the site relaunch, Virginia Lottery knew that the success of the project would hinge on a customer-centric approach. Their strategy demanded that the project be:

  • Data driven
  • Informed by voice of customer
  • Focused on key site activities

From a practical standpoint, this meant guiding the project according to Verint’s predictive experience methodology, which allowed them to see which CX drivers had the greatest impact on CSAT and make changes based on KPIs like loyalty, conversion, and retention. Redesign-specific survey questions, page-specific feedback tools, and features like Verint’s CX Suite dashboards helped the team see, hear, and track customer problems.

In June 2019, four months after the relaunch, Daniel’s CX team initiated a Customer Experience Satisfaction Assessment (CXSA) with Verint’s assistance. This provided them with insight into the top issues and improvement targets including navigation, information browsing, login problems, and page loading issues. On the positive side, they saw minor but significant satisfaction gains for mobile first-time visitors, and they were seeing general CSAT starting to rebound.

User Testing Drives Site Changes and Increased Satisfaction

The Virginia Lottery team employed extensive user testing and feedback surveys to gauge satisfaction with several high-traffic elements and site features, such as the winning numbers page and Check My Numbers tool. They focused on visual appeal, information availability, navigation, and feature functionality. To hone in on customer thinking and preferences, they also used navigation card sorting. This involves giving participants cards, each listing key navigational site elements which they sort into categories with labels of their choosing. The results offered the team important focus areas and navigation strategies they may not have come up with on their own, including:

  • Centralized use of popular number checking tool
  • Restructured number checking results and payout information
  • Using easy-to-read logos instead of dropdown menus on some pages
  • Adding longer historical date range selection for games
  • Improved session timeout functionality
  • Bolstered mobile site scrolling and refresh zones

Today, mobile CSAT is up 26 points and desktop rose 46, putting them back on track to pre-redesign satisfaction levels. On top of the CX improvements made for the relaunch, Daniel notes that it was achieved while the business also tended to their “usual CX business, like running many updates, launching a mobile app, offering promotions, new games, and an educational campaign.”

Get all the details by watching the on-demand webinar.

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