April 19, 2016 | The XM Blog

Identify CX problems faster with ForeSee’s updated Feedback app


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ForeSee's Replay technology in action via the Feedback app.

ForeSee’s Replay technology in action via the Feedback app.

Finding areas of your website that prevent customers from having an enjoyable experience can prove to be quite a difficult task. That could leave you with lower sales, less repeat business, and a damaged relationship with customers — to say the least. Fortunately, tools like ForeSee Feedback exist to help identify those CX issues.

And you know what’s even more fortunate? Today we’re rolling out an updated version of Feedback that’s even better.

Previously, the Feedback app allowed companies to directly create and rollout customer surveys within desktop and mobile websites to gain valuable insights about their experience. The app even provides in-page analytics along with those insights to make reviewing the feedback easier. With today’s update, Feedback is adding integration with ForeSee’s Replay technology, which gives companies a real-time view of how customers are interacting with both their desktop and mobile websites.

“Every click, zoom, pinch, and scroll is revealed in real-time to clients as it’s happening on their web portals, making it far easier to identify and fix potential problems as they arise,” says Chief Strategy Officer Lenny Nash. “That this functionality is now included within our already robust Feedback app makes it that much more powerful. Also, you’re getting real-time feedback without having to juggle multiple vendors or services.”

The updated Feedback app also includes the ability to create customer surveys with customized branding, as well as the ability to set up keyword alerts to keep a pulse on the customer’s experience in order to respond in real-time.

Check out the screenshots below for a closer look at the updated ForeSee Feedback app.


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