September 11, 2019 | The ForeSee Blog

Insight to Action: How Smart & Final Moved from Mystery to VoC


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Our “Insight to Action” webinar series gives you real-world best practices for getting the most out of Voice of Customer (VoC) programs. Watch the recordings to see how Verint ForeSee customers are raising satisfaction scores, creating CX-centric cultures, and making bottom-line improvements with new-found efficiencies.

The Smart & Final Story

Smart & Final, a grocery chain with 260 locations serving both business and retail customers, needed to raise its CX game. “We realized it was time for us to re-energize our focus on the customer—the industry was changing,” explains Joe Tischbern, Director of Customer Engagement at Smart & Final. “There’s a lot more competition coming into our area and we realized it was time to double down and really get serious about what we had always done better than anyone else, which was serve our customers.”

So, in 2018, Smart & Final moved from a traditional mystery shopper program to a VoC approach. “We embarked on this journey to convince our leadership that VoC was the measure that we believed should be our one source of truth about our customers.”

With a VoC strategy established, things began to fall into place. “The focus was on the customer—this idea of operationalizing how we serve the customer and making the customer the most important thing. Between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019, we saw a jump in customer satisfaction, probably the biggest we had seen in a long time—probably as long as we have been measuring voice of the customer.”

As Joe explains in the webinar, the business discovered a number of additional benefits, including:

  • Closed-loop processes for working with internal business partners
  • Empowered store managers armed with actionable data and open-ended feedback
  • A new in-store survey system, which lead to an improved check-out process

“We haven’t even begun to dig deep into all of the possibilities—responding to customers immediately, closing the loop faster, using customer feedback to make merchandise, pricing, and marketing decisions. All of those things are possibilities with voice of the customer.”

Watch the on-demand webinar to get all the details about how Smart & Final moved from disparate CX tools to a unified VoC solution and deeper insights—and start deploying their best practices in your own organization. Or, contact us to see how Verint ForeSee can help you set up a VoC program designed especially for your business.

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