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Interview: Nikon’s WoMI Aha! Moment


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The following is an interview with Mario Castano, Internet and Ecommerce Technology Manager at Nikon, Inc., about his experiences using both the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and the ForeSee Word of Mouth Index (WoMI).

How Nikon uses ForeSee's Word of Mouth Index (WoMI) to improve NPS

I had used NPS before I came to Nikon as a gauge of customer satisfaction. At Nikon, NPS allowed us a way to assess how our brand awareness was penetrating our customers. It allowed us to put together strategies to work with our customers. In addition, it permitted us a quick way from an industry perspective to see how we ranked with customers. NPS did help us understand our customers’ point of view and provided us with a way to improve our website.

But on the other hand, NPS doesn’t provide a lot of details and help in deciding what I should focus on in regards to the customer experience. Particularly in an e-commerce environment, NPS doesn’t distinguish between a very active member and a passive customer.

WoMI supplies us with information that is much more actionable, which makes it easier for us to understand what our customers are saying and the specific improvements that they want us to do. This helps us prioritize our resources and determine what moves the needle the most for our customers. WoMI helps us have aha! moments. We can sit down with our groups and plan projects and allocate budgets so we can achieve our objectives. WoMI is much more surgically precise in the information it gives us. Unlike NPS, WoMI enables us to clearly understand our ROI.

Furthermore, WoMI helps our developers understand how well some of our innovations are working. Customer concerns that would have been overlooked by NPS are captured by WoMI. Our developers can observe a common theme by customers, which they will investigate and then take a proactive approach to resolving the issue. WoMI allows us to see both positive and negative comments, which NPS doesn’t do.

— Mario Castano, Internet and Ecommerce Technology Manager at Nikon, Inc.

Nikon, Inc., is involved in a broad spectrum of businesses centered around specializations in imaging products, precision equipment, and instruments. Nikon products and technologies play a significant role in defining the digital imaging industry.

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