February 23, 2017 | Christine Tran

Introducing ForeSee Mobile: the only app for CX intelligence on the go


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Customer experience doesn’t take a break when you’re away from the office. And as most customer-focused leaders would agree, it’s crucial to stay tuned-in to both the customer experience and how an organization is performing across an increasingly omnichannel customer journey.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the new ForeSee mobile app for Android and iOS, which gives leaders easy and immediate access to their most critical CX issues. The new app will help you drive action and accountability across the business even when on the go:

  • Quickly identify top CX priorities and understand what needs to be addressed
  • Identify trends, drill down into data, and troubleshoot issues before they escalate
  • Review customer verbatims to stay connected to customer sentiment in real-time

A quick tour of the new ForeSee app

We built the new app to make it easy for anyone to access CX insights, and we think you’ll find it very intuitive. There are three main views:

CX Pulse
Always be able to access your most critical CX issues across the customer journey. Your CX Pulse home screen shows you how you’re doing over the past 30 days and what CX issues you should prioritize.

VOC Feed
Stay connected to the voice of your customer and what they’re actually saying in real time. Your VOC Feed gives you a snapshot view of verbatims from happy or unhappy customers.

CX Journey
To drill into critical issues, the CX Journey view gives you the deep dive across all your customer touchpoints. See satisfaction scores, trend charts, and recommended priorities.

How to get the app

The ForeSee Mobile app is available to all ForeSee clients. If you have a ForeSee CX Suite log in, no special permissions are required. Simply search for “ForeSee Mobile” in the iOS or Google Play app stores and log in using your existing credentials. If you do not have a ForeSee CX Suite log-in yet, contact ForeSee Support and indicate “CX Suite access” as your support issue.

As always, if you have questions or feedback please contact ForeSee support or your account manager.

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