June 13, 2017 | Jason Conrad

Introducing a new retail banking solution from ForeSee


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ForeSee Banking Solution

The world is changing quickly for retail banks. Consumers are more digitally demanding than ever (but often still want the personal touch of a branch!). The emergence of fintech is disrupting the industry and is upping the ante for retail banks to compete on delivering great customer experiences (CX).

The challenges can’t be overstated but the path forward is clear: Since CX has a long-standing and proven impact on revenue, loyalty, NPS, and customer lifetime value, retail banks can and should use CX as a strategic and competitive advantage.

I’m excited to announce today that we have packaged a new solution for retail banks that want to leverage CX to compete and win.

ForeSee’s new retail banking solution allows clients to:

  • Measure the banking experience with a cross-channel measurement bundle that collects voice of customer data across desktop web, mobile web, mobile apps, email, banking branches, and call centers. ForeSee can provide CX scores and NPS scores for each channel and touchpoint.
  • Conduct strategic segmentation analysis, including integrations with other data sources already in place (such as clickstream) in order to determine who customers are, where they are in the customer lifecycle, and where there are opportunities for upsell and cross-sell.
  • Identify and act on upsell opportunities by leveraging ForeSee’s patented Priority Index,® an industry first that takes a company’s CX scores from every customer touchpoint, as well as across the entire customer journey, and prioritizes the CX improvements that have the biggest impact on the business. When budgets are tight and resources are limited, knowing where to focus first in order to drive business outcomes is as important as knowing what to do. ForeSee also offers smart question triggers that can immediately drive opportunities for auto loans, mortgages, and other next-best action and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Optimize the customer journey by understanding how digital experiences contribute to actions in other touchpoints, why customers abandon, the role of branches in a modern customer’s experience, and the critical interplay of various experiences at different touchpoints.
  • Grow earned loyalty by understanding customer experiences with a bank brand overall, as well as with individual touchpoints, measuring and understanding customer engagement, and conducting strategic segment analysis on lifetime value. As the cost of switching to the competition continues to diminish, earning loyalty by satisfying the customer is more important than ever.

All these great capabilities have been carefully designed for retail banks and live within ForeSee CX Suite, which lets you manage all your customer experience intelligence needs from one place.

If you’re already a ForeSee client and would like to learn more about the breadth of our offerings, we’d love to help you out. Or if you’re new to ForeSee, we’d love to show you what we’ve got.

Curious for more information on how best to improve your bank’s customer experience strategy? Download ForeSee’s latest e-book, 5 Steps for Retail Banks to Win on CX now.

About the Author

Jason is Vice President of Sales at ForeSee.

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