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A Conversation with Chief Strategy Officer Lenny Nash About the Client’s Journey


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With ForeSee’s leadership team presenting at Summit, we wanted to sit down with Chief Strategy Officer Lenny Nash, to get some insight into what he’ll be talking about.

Lenny, this is your first Summit. What are you most excited about?

Oh, I’m looking forward to so many aspect of Summit next week. This is the one time a year we get the undivided attention of so many of our clients for three full days. We’re announcing what we think is a game-changing product roadmap, so obviously I’m really eager to see the reaction to that. But honestly, it’s the face-to-face conversations about CX, and meeting the clients whom I haven’t yet, that I’m most jazzed about. And, maybe squeezing 9 holes in one morning in the warm desert air.

Can you give us some idea about what you’ll be discussing on stage with the leadership team Wednesday?

Sure. There is so much talk about the customer journey — from awareness and consideration through to purchase, service, and support. And there is a corresponding business journey  to influence, educate, sell to, and retain customers along the way. Companies want a better understanding of customer experience across the entire journey — which includes measuring it, improving it — and they don’t know where to start.

I’ll be talking at Summit about how we help companies know where to start, where exactly to prioritize investments and changes to their customer experience initiatives and what the outcomes will be — before they make them.

What trends are our clients facing today that might be different from a year or two ago?

Oh the journey is constantly changing. That’s just a product of the world we live in. More and more people, both clients and customers alike, are leaning on mobile technology to communicate and perform day-to-day tasks. A few years ago smartphones were established as a dominant force, which has made companies more conscious of how their customers interact on websites and apps. Today we’re seeing even more mobile technology take hold, such as smartwatches and laptop-replacement tablets. In 2015, 51 percent of usage by millennials was done on mobile compared to just 41 percent on desktops. That a massive increase in mobile usage compared to just five years ago.

Good points. Doesn’t the rise of mobile also correspond with the changing population? , How does that affect the journey?

We’re seeing a rise in millennials entering both the workforce and becoming stronger customers. Millennials behave differently. For instance, 87 percent of that demographic say they are never without their smartphone, and the majority also believe everything will be done via mobile devices five years from now. ForeSee has been hard at work making sure the roadmap for our CX products keeps pace with all these changes.

Switching gears, do you have any advice for Summit attendees?

I would suggest sitting in on the great product workshops we’ve set up nearly all day Tuesday before the first official day of the event begins. They are well worth the time to get up to speed on the full functionality of each of our products and help you get the most out of your ForeSee investment.

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