October 22, 2018 | Christine Tran

Doing More with Less — How ForeSee CX Suite Delivers CX Agility and Prioritization


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When we talk to our customers, one theme always comes up: Doing more with less.

No matter the size or industry, we hear:

“We have a finite budget and need to spend wisely.”

“We need sound data to help make critical business decisions.”

“Our executives want us to do XYZ. We need data to show that ABC will have a bigger impact.”

These pain points highlight the CX program nirvana: Knowing the customer—understanding every interaction with and expectation of the brand—is what enables decision-making for better business outcomes.

Know thy customer—with new CX intelligence

The challenge lies in managing all that customer feedback. It’s tough enough to extract and act on customer experience data. But new ways of interacting in digital are creating more feedback than ever. Surveys, sure, but also unstructured data, session activity, etc. are just some of the big buckets.

Companies want more insight from customer feedback, want to spend less time getting it, and need it to be relevant, timely, and automated where possible.

We’re providing exactly those capabilities within CX Suite—helping companies focus on what matters, getting the right CX insights to the right people, and following up on customer feedback.

Focusing on CX improvements that create value

CX teams want to spend less time on manual and routine analysis. That’s why so many companies rely on ForeSee’s prioritization frameworks. Our priority maps help them focus on what matters: creating better experiences and delivering ROI.

Now we’re introducing Anomaly Detection with Cause Analysis to CX Suite. Powered by AI and machine learning algorithms, it will help teams see issues and understand some of the key factors contributing to the change. With Anomaly Detection running in the background, you’ll know when there’s a major outlier in CX score, NPS, or an experience driver. In addition, ForeSee will surface and rank the major causes, so you can get a head start on your analysis.

CX Suite alert-based email delivered through Anomaly Detection


Cause Analysis automatically runs on anomalies detected by CX Suite

Getting CX insights to the right people

Socializing CX data empowers people in the organization to make decisions that improve the customer experience.

Our updated Alerts Engine will help with just that. Users can receive alerts on CX anomalies or configure alerts based on criteria such as survey answer or keywords and topics. CX teams can act on customer feedback within seconds of an issue.

For ongoing reporting and analysis, teams can set up and automatically share Role-Based Dashboards. This is important to give users the data the way they want to see it. Store managers can see leaderboards, product managers can see page performance, executives can see brand- and touchpoint-level NPS, and so on.

NPS alert notification and a 360-degree prioritized dashboard
provided through CX Suite

Closing the loop with customer feedback

Collecting feedback is important to improving CX, and so is closing the loop.

Your stores are collecting feedback. And probably your digital team, your fulfillment team, your customer care team, too.

Every team in the organization that’s empowered to collect feedback should also be empowered to respond to it.

That’s why we’re providing case management for the enterprise, with configurable action and response templates and attributes that you can set up for every team and every use case.

Companies that want to democratize CX can now empower people at the edges of the organization, while helping them stay on message and on brand with the proper guardrails.

Closed-loop Case Management ensures customer follow-up from
multiple sources and feeds into CX Suite

Prioritizing what matters with ForeSee

We’re always focused on helping our customers prioritize what matters. More than ever, what matters to companies is building CX agility across the enterprise and prioritizing the CX improvements that add the most value.

Want to learn more? Visit our ForeSee CX Suite page or schedule a live demo with our team.

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