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How listening to customer feedback can help you maintain your place at the top | Forbes


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Customer Feedback

The following article written by ForeSee VP of Marketing Eric Feinberg was first published on Forbes.

Getting to the top of your industry is no easy task, but staying there is a whole different ballgame. Those at the top do, however, have one thing in common: They understand the value of a winning customer experience (CX) strategy, and they measure it effectively to produce a CX currency that can be utilized by executives and team members at every level of the company.

But this is only true if your CX program is leveraged correctly. Below I’ve listed some essential questions you need to ask to determine whether yours is up to par.

How reliable is your map?

Collecting customer data wouldn’t be easy without knowing your destination. The same is true when it comes to the customer journey. If you want to understand the expectations of your customers, you need to measure the entire journey and collect comprehensive data and feedback from every touchpoint along the way.

Are you using a proven and complete methodology?

A CX program’s methodology is the brain of your program, combining survey feedback, session replay data, digital traffic analytics and other customer data. It’s the scientific process that shows how various changes impact the satisfaction of your customers. It should provide you with a sort of customer experience “currency” that informs not just your business decisions, but also helps others across the organization.

Plugging all of this customer data into your methodological approach should give you an adequate view of your map, showing where customers have been and where they’re going next. Plugging in only some of the data (particularly if it isn’t calibrated with the same methodology) would be like trying to drive a car in the dark without headlights…

Read Eric’s entire article via Forbes: How Listening To Customer Feedback Can Help You Maintain Your Place At The Top

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