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Lost in Verbatims? ForeSee NPS with Predictive Drivers Gives You Actionable Insight


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New CX Suite Feature Helps Business Decision Makers Move the Needle on NPS

What’s your strategy for improving your Net Promoter Score℠ (NPS®)? Every business is looking for insight that goes beyond the number itself. For example, to move the NPS needle you need to know what’s truly dragging down your mobile or app score, or what customers like about the website that’s lifting you above competitors. The same principle applies to call centers or physical store locations.

A lot of organizations turn to open-ended verbatim comments or simple text analysis tools, hoping to discover what’s driving customers’ likelihood to recommend. But sifting through a sea of text in search of truly actionable data is an expensive and time-consuming job. Worse, it’s not a strategic approach to customer experience and can lead you down the wrong path.

Part of ForeSee CX Suite, NPS with predictive drivers identifies and prioritizes the drivers of CX that will move the needle on NPS. Here’s why it’s different and what it helps you achieve:

  • There’s no guessing: You know in advance what will improve NPS across all channels, and at the brand level
  • It reduces the inefficiency and guesswork of hunting through open-ended verbatims
  • It enables the discovery of true insight from verbatim comments by focusing on the topics and keywords that matter most instead of chasing quantity and false leads

This new tool uses our scientifically proven, cause-and-effect methodology to discover the “why” behind customer feedback about your brand’s products or services, arming you with insight that is:

  • Actionable: Know specific actions to take at specific points in the customer journey.
  • Efficient and scalable: We do the heavy lifting, you benefit from a proven and fully supported methodology.
  • Applicable for the journey and the brand: Quantify NPS for touchpoint improvements or board-level metrics.
  • Benchmarkable: Compare against a peer set or best in class, and by channel, device, or touchpoint.
  • Customizable for roles and functions: Dashboards, alerts, and drill-down NPS views deliver actionable insights to everyone who needs it.

And businesses are already benefiting. Here’s an example from one of our clients:

Lacking operational NPS insight, a large digital retailer leveraged our solution to identify and prioritize the drivers that could help them improve their score. After implementing the recommended changes, the company:

  • Increased NPS scores by 42%, driving higher revenue, loyalty, and market share
  • Raised advertising views by 12% and time spent on site by 7%

Knowing what levers to turn in order to see real benefits is a huge advantage—for the business and your customers. Learn more about how NPS with predictive drivers can help you identify drivers, focus efforts, and move the needle on NPS.

NPS is a registered trademark of Bain & Company, Inc., Fred Reichheld and Satmetrix Systems, Inc. Reference to NPS does not imply any relationship between its owners and ForeSee, or any endorsement of ForeSee’s services.

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