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Loud & Clear: How ForeSee Helps Ideal Shopping Dial Up Customer Satisfaction

Call Center Satisfaction

Ideal Shopping Direct, one of the U.K.’s top home shopping retailers, sells a wide range of products online and via TV channels with a reach of 25 million homes. A large portion of the company’s customer base utilizes telephone ordering to make purchases, making the contact center a major component of the sales process.

Download the Ideal Shopping Case Study from ForeSee now.

Download the Ideal Shopping Case Study from ForeSee now.

But with its contact center based in India, the retailer wanted to ensure that its offshore sales agents thoroughly understood the expectations necessary for providing great customer service. While Ideal Shopping had a pre existing process in place for assessing if contact center standards were being met, it lacked the ability to provide Voice of Customer (VoC) insights — a key ingredient for unlocking what matters to customers. With this in mind, Ideal Shopping turned to ForeSee.

“Before, we were measuring our agents from our perspective. Now, we’ve been able to add in the other side of the conversation – the VoC – and understand the drivers of satisfaction and sales,” said Vince Quarizzo, Ideal Shopping’s Customer Service Manager.

Armed with the power to measure customer experience using a proven scientific methodology from ForeSee, Ideal Shopping was able to add a new level of certainty to its strategy. Find out exactly how ForeSee helped the company by downloading our Ideal Shopping Case Study today.

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