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How to help with the daunting task of measuring customer journeys effectively


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Customer Journeys

When it comes to measuring customer experience, mapping every part of the customer journey is essential. However, this doesn’t always guarantee you’ll be provided with useful insights that translate seamlessly across different parts of the organization. That can make it difficult when trying to both create and measure business goals.

This problem has to do with how various departments often rely on separate metrics to measure CX effectiveness, as CMSWire’s Brice Dunwoodie explains in a recent article:

“If different parts of the organization use different CX metrics — for example, the executive level may use Net Promoter Score (NPS) while the onboarding team uses Customer Effort Score (CES) — you’ll have to find a way to normalize and align the metrics across the organization. …even when organizations use the same metrics internally, these measurement tools can be focused on different parts of the customer journey and thus not correlate or aggregate well.”

ForeSee’s approach to helping organizations with this daunting task is to provide some consistency to CX measurement, while finding ways to include and attach other CX metrics to key touch points in the customer journey. Doing so allows you to ID opportunities for improvement with greater certainty. What’s more, all of this can be done from a single platform in ForeSee CX Suite.

Read Dunwoodie’s entire article, 4 Keys to a Successful Customer Experience Operating Model via CMSWire.

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