September 16, 2016 | Brad Poole

How myHermes is boosting business with ForeSee Ratings & Reviews


Like many B2C companies, leading U.K.-based online parcel shipping service myHermes relies on customer ratings and reviews as a core component of its business strategy. A high volume of reviews can lead to increased consumer trust, better lead-to-sales conversion, and enhanced SEO/SEM efficiency. But managing a company’s reviews data can be difficult without the proper technology.

Fortunately, myHermes allowed us to share some exciting results revealing how the combination of ResellersRatings and ForeSee’s Ratings & Reviews technology had a positive impact on its business via a new case study available today.

Why a higher volume of reviews is good for businesses

Find out how myHermes benefited from a higher volume of reviews in the latest ForeSee case study report.

Find out how myHermes benefited from a higher volume of reviews in the latest ForeSee case study report.

ResellerRatings has been a leading review management platform for 15 years. A few years ago, we started partnering with our parent company ForeSee to leverage existing ForeSee surveys data to collect more reviews than ever. A larger volume of reviews is beneficial because an organization gets better representation (fewer squeaky wheels) and tends to see increases to its star ratings. When volume increases and star ratings go up, all sorts of great things begin to happen.

For instance, since implementing ForeSee Ratings & Reviews a year ago, myHermes has seen the following results:

  • A 10-fold increase in the volume of reviews (from 5,000 to 50,000)
  • A jump in its star rating from 3.4 to 4.1
  • A 36% increase in conversion rate and a 15% decrease in CPC

I’ve been working in the world of ratings and reviews for almost a decade, and even though I see these kinds of results from our customers on a weekly basis, it’s still a thrill. To find out more about how ForeSee’s Ratings & Reviews helped myHermes improve its review strategy, you can download the full myHermes case study now.

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