October 15, 2020 | The XM Blog

New E-Gov Index: When Citizens Turn to Government, Does Government Deliver?


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New data from the Verint Experience Index: E-Gov report for January – June 2020 shows that when COVID-19 changed everything earlier this year, people looked to federal agencies for information and assistance. One important proof point was our survey response rate, which increased dramatically over previous years, as citizens were eager to share opinions about their experiences.

How did agencies respond to increased demand while also coping with their own internal challenges brought on by the pandemic? Our report reveals where they excelled and where they still struggled, including:

  • A 3% improvement in overall trust—an upward shift for a score that’s been trending down for some time
  • An increase of two percentage points year-over-year for the Public Sector among cross-industry best-in-class benchmarks
  • A 1.5% drop in overall mobile satisfaction compared to H1 2019

Another notable finding is a change in drivers of desktop satisfaction, with site information topping navigation for the first time in H1 2020, which likely reflects the importance of citizen access to reliable information in times of uncertainty.

What does all this say about e-government responsiveness and citizen expectations? In its special commentary for the E-Gov report, the Partnership for Public Service notes that “The COVID-19 pandemic is really a watershed moment for digital government services and improved customer satisfaction. Citizens are also customers, and they expect—and often require—public services to be as responsive as their favorite retailer or bank.”

Read the full report to see all the data and to learn what federal agencies can do to improve experiences today and in the future.

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