September 18, 2020 | Shannon Latta

Omdia Ranks Experience Cloud as an XM “Market Leader”


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Tech analyst firm gives Verint “advanced capability or breadth” rating in AI-enabled platforms

Omdia recently released its “Market Radar: AI-enabled Experience Management Platforms” report, which evaluates vendors on their ability to support continuous customer engagement improvement.

Verint Experience Cloud received the highest “advanced capability or breadth” rating on multiple criteria. Omdia (formerly Ovum Research) cited several strengths, including:

  • A unified XM platform on a common codebase for quick channel adds
  • Predictive models that describe experiences by key drivers, critical metrics, and outcomes
  • Native text/speech analyses that enhance downstream analytics and protect privacy
  • Real-time updates and alerts, enabling the closed-loop resolution of issues alongside in-depth root-cause analyses

The report notes the significant challenges organizations face, including “developing effective feedback mechanisms, sometimes involving millions of daily interactions across multiple channels and journeys” and the importance of informative feedback loops “to help enterprises refine the customer experience and gain insights for product development.”

Omdia describes Verint’s ability to “guide clients through three phases of a framework that operationalize tactical improvements and strategic decision making,” which includes:

Collection and listening: “Verint collects data from any customer interaction and listens to multiple channels and manages direct, indirect, and inferred data. Survey formats include web, mobile, IVR and SMS., post-call. Subsequent analysis capabilities allow the delivery of short tailored surveys with greater response rates than longer, traditional surveys.”

Interpret and understand: “The platform provides predictive analytics at scale across all channels. The analysis recommends prescriptive action such as changes to the process and provides insight for strategic business decisions. Capabilities include native text and speech analytics, identification of high and low points on each customer journey, real-time analysis and reporting.”

Automation and action: “When pre-agreed conditions are met, a tactical case is raised, alerting customer-facing and operational staff. Automated case management helps clients close the loop.  Systemic CX analyses such as trend analysis, time-series data, anomaly detection, and root-cause analysis help identify opportunities for operational improvements. Predictive models describe experiences in three dimensions – key drivers, metrics (CSAT, NPS, and attitude), and outcomes (intended actions such as repurchase or recommendation). These factors help clients link operational changes to experience metrics and ROI to facilitate strategic investment decisions.”

Read the report or reach out to us now to see how Experience Cloud can lay the groundwork for a winning XM strategy for your organization.

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Shannon Latta is vice president of marketing and communications for Verint ForeSee, responsible for brand and positioning, content strategy, product marketing, corporate communications, and marketing results.

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