Optimizing customer satisfaction by rethinking A/B testing

Utilizing A/B testing, the practice of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to see which performs best, is a very effective way for a business to increase its revenue and boost customer satisfaction. But many businesses don’t include it in their strategy and others only do a limited amount because prior use did not yield the desired results.

To successfully implement A/B testing, it requires proper planning, ample resources, and of course time. It also may require rethinking how you’ve approached A/B testing in the past, according to Smart Panda Labs’ Shamir Duverseau, who says businesses should view the testing as a problem-solving tool rather than a way compare buttons, headlines, and such.

In a recent article, Duverseau suggests a few areas where using A/B testing for solving problematic issues could help businesses achieve success, such as new products/promotions, technology/development updates, and even customer feedback — an area we happen to know a thing or two (or two-hundred) about.

Duverseau writes:

A/B testing and can help increase the lifetime value of your customer relationships. Using tools like ForeSee, you can understand the level of satisfaction people have with your website or mobile app, both overall and in relation to specific areas like navigation and site information. Moreover, you can leverage these voice-of-customer tools to see how those satisfaction measures affect the likelihood of a person returning to your site or referring your business to someone else.

You can (and should) read the full article at Smart Panda Labs.

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