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May 1, 2017 |

The Retail Mullet: What Amazon’s new stores will look like | VentureBeat

Amazon is an undisputed leader in digital retail, but soon the online giant will venture into the realm of physical stores. This isn’t so much a choice for Amazon as it is a necessity if the company plans to remain a leader in retail. Modern retailers need an omnichannel strategy that understands and caters to every channel that customers shop in. So what will these physical stores look like? Read More

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April 27, 2017 |

Argos’ Bertrand Bodson named U.K. Chief Digital Officer of the Year

Argos executive Bertrand Bodson was this week named “U.K. Chief Digital Officer of the Year 2016” by CDO Club, an honor that recognizes extraordinary effort in online retail. Congratulations to... Read More

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April 26, 2017 |

Retail isn’t at a tipping point, it’s at the beginning of an omnichannel revolution

Plenty is currently being discussed in business circles and financial publications about the state of the American retail industry, which is experiencing a big shift in operations and strategies toward... Read More

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April 21, 2017 |

Here’s how retailers can meet Gen Z’s CX expectations –

There’s a new demographic shaking up the retail status quo: Generation Z. Also known as post-millennials or the i-generation, this group, born after 1995, comprises more than one-quarter of the U.S. population and contributes over $44 billion to the American economy, according to a recent study. Read More

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April 20, 2017 |

3 lessons on the importance of CX measurement from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos

The concept of Customer Experience (CX) for many is still associated with old adages like “the customer is always right,” but that’s been changing for a decade now. And over the next few years, you’re likely to hear CX measurement and CX Intelligence much more frequently as businesses become aware of things that business leaders like Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has known from the start. Read More

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