March 21, 2017 | mike.mcelreath

A conversation with CEO Pete Daffern before the ForeSee Summit


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Pete Daffern at ForeSee Summit

I sat down with CEO Pete Daffern to find out what about the ForeSee Summit he’s most looking forward to, and what people can expect from the event. Before you make your way to Phoenix, make sure you check out the Q&A below.

How has the CX measurement industry evolved since last year’s Summit?

It’s an incredible time for our industry. We’re at the intersection of the most relevant issues on the minds of companies today — customer experience, big data analytics, and cloud computing. But the CX measurement category is fragmented with dozens and dozens of point solutions. We’ve seen enough consolidation in the market in the past year to signal that there will be a few clear leaders as the market shakes out.

It’s been an incredible year for ForeSee since our last Summit. Our business is growing strongly and we had record profitable revenues in 2016. We’re continuing to invest aggressively in building great products for our clients. And when I look around, I see very few companies with as strong a position as ForeSee.

You introduced ForeSee CX Suite at last year’s event. How has the response been and what’s coming that people can get excited about?

The response to our CX Suite has been fantastic. Our clients tell us they want a unified view of the customer — a single solution to manage all of their CX intelligence needs from one place. ForeSee CX Suite consolidates our tools and centralizes companies’ VOC data into one suite of integrated CX applications. We’ve delivered two releases of CX Suite since Summit last year, as well as our new mobile app.

I’m excited about what people will see from us at Summit. We’ll show what’s coming in our next product releases, as well as a preview of more advanced technology. Imagine what’s possible when you can create personalized experiences for your customers and measure CX data from all sources within a single suite!

What also can people expect from the event this year? Who else is taking the stage who you think people shouldn’t miss out on?

We’re fortunate to have CX professionals from so many leading organizations that it’s hard to suggest a short list of what not to miss at Summit this year. Companies such as Verizon, AMD, T. Rowe Price, Norton Healthcare, Vera Bradley, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and so many more, are presenting case studies of their CX initiatives. And of course no one will want to miss our keynote speaker Angela Duckworth. Her academic work studying the nature of “Grit” is intriguing, and I can’t wait for her talk.

Any parting thoughts before people make their way to Phoenix in a few weeks?

The most rewarding part of my work is connecting with our clients in person and discussing how they’re measuring and improving CX for better business results. The entire ForeSee leadership team will be present and if anyone wants to schedule time with any of us, it’s not too late to set something up.

Interested in attending? There’s still time! Visit the ForeSee Summit website to make arrangements to attend, as well as get the latest information on registration, content, onsite events, and more.

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