July 10, 2012 | Michelle Hertz

Program Management the ForeSee Way


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More than 600 companies and organizations around the world use ForeSee for a variety of reasons, including measuring the customer experience through various channels, such as web, mobile, social media, store, and contact center.  While it is not often talked about, some clients are finding value in using ForeSee for program or vendor management.

Several ForeSee public sector clients use the business intelligence gathered via the ForeSee technology and analysis approach to manage their large-scale programs and ensure that a consistent (or minimum) level of service quality is delivered, while holding the various components within the program accountable.  These clients understand that it is vital to use a measurement and analysis approach that is accurate, reliable, and credible in order to get buy-in from the entities they are measuring and to drive true improvement to the end-user experience.

Accurate, precise measurement of customer satisfaction from ForeSee

ForeSee’s accurate, reliable, and credible measurement and analysis approach helps teams achieve their goals.

Within large-scale programs, disparate teams may work on websites without a common vision or sometimes even a common aesthetic.  Using an accurate, reliable, and credible measurement and analysis approach to surface the visitor’s perspective can help orient team members to a single vision and goal.  Other benefits of a common measurement approach are to conserve resources through sharing discoveries and implementation of best practices – rather than reinventing the wheel – and to enhance the visitor experience through consistency across the program’s various touch points.  ForeSee’s methodology proves that providing a better experience for visitors yields a greater likelihood of them engaging in behaviors the organization wishes to foster.

One ForeSee client, a $700 billion organization, contracts with multiple suppliers to administer claims handling and associated training.  These individual suppliers make information about claims and training available via websites of their own design.  This creates the potential for little consistency in the quality of the end-user experience across the program as a whole.  The overseeing organization uses ForeSee as a vendor management tool to establish a minimum threshold of visitor satisfaction expected to be achieved by each of the websites.  With ForeSee, this organization is able to assess the performance of the suppliers’ sites against expectations and also compared to one another.  Suppliers are incentivized to excel and given the autonomy to decide how to do so, using recommendations from ForeSee’s Satisfaction Insight Reviews and Usability Audit Reviews.  Clearly defined goals and standardized reporting help each supplier know where it stands.  The credibility of the ACSI fostered buy-in at the beginning of the measurement program, while its predictive accuracy and the solid recommendations delivered by the ForeSee team have solidified the relationship.  The web teams at each supplier have come to rely on ForeSee’s reporting to inform their site enhancement plans, knowing that voice-of-visitor driven improvements result in increased satisfaction and future behaviors.

Another ForeSee public sector client, an organization that employs around two million people, took steps to streamline their process for hiring new employees and wanted to confirm that the changes were, in fact, an improvement.  Further, they wanted to understand whether the new processes were being implemented consistently across their organization, or whether certain occupations or departments benefited while others lagged.  The organization uses ForeSee to identify top-performing departments, as well as opportunities for continued improvement.  The company publishes selected department-level scores regularly so employees can see the progress that is being made.

While these are great examples of how public sector clients use the powerful ForeSee technology to manage large-scale programs, businesses and organizations in the private sector can benefit from taking a big-picture look across their programs, as well.  In practice, this concept of program management using ForeSee has broad application, whether to a retailer’s brick-and-mortar locations, a health system’s member hospitals, or any other situation in which oversight of member entities is vital to ensuring a consistently-delivered experience.

About the Author

Michelle Hertz is a Client Lead Analyst at ForeSee. In this role, she manages some of the company’s largest public sector measurement programs. Michelle joined the ForeSee team in 2005, bringing a background in traditional market research. Michelle holds an M.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame.

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