June 14, 2018 | Ellen Schwartze

How The Public Sector Competes and Wins on Customer Experience (CX)

We’re writing to you fresh from of our annual CX Forum on June 13, and couldn’t be more invigorated about how federal agencies, higher ed and nonprofits are all dedicated to the mission of their organizations and making the customer experience paramount. Here are some highlights from the day:

  • We recognized AARP’s longstanding commitment to measuring, analyzing, and improving member experiences through continuous customer feedback
  • A rousing keynote from Rick Parrish, Principal Analyst at Forrester energized everyone as he showed what each of us could implement right way to improve the customer experience. He also shared a fascinating look at ‘the butterfly effect’ that helped a national park uncover what was behind their customer experience challenges.
  • Inspiring firsthand accounts from Arlington National Cemetery on how they engaged and reached out to families and the public on important and sensitive issues; and from American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) on their approach to arm their team with CX insights to validate and confirm strategic choices for their website and platform.

ForeSee CX Forum in Washington DC | Customer Experience for Government, Nonprofit, Higher Ed

L-R: Andrea Mirkow of AARP accepts the Excellence in Customer Experience Award; ForeSee Vice President Dave Lewan discusses national and regional trends in customer experience; Forrester Principal Analyst Rick Parrish shares CX best practice and takeaways.

And last but not least, we previewed our new Government CX Insights research report including rankings of the 15 executive branch agencies and how they stack up on customer experience.  The data mapped several important trends and themes, showing agencies where consumers are impressed — and where they fall short. We see that the Federal Government experience scores lag behind other industries — 7 points shy of energy and utilities and a whopping 14 points short of retail banking. The reality is, the public doesn’t differentiate one digital service from another; once the bar is set by a flawless retail, banking, or utilities experience, agencies will have to step up to meet rising expectations.

We were proud to host so many dedicated individuals, representing organizations who are ready to advance and improve their customers’ experience by listening to the people who know it best: the customers themselves. For more of the very latest insights and trends in the public sector, be sure to download the FXI: Government CX Insights report today.