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Here’s a preview of what public sector organizations can expect at the 2017 ForeSee Summit


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Attention CX professionals in the public sector, we’re planning a variety of interesting, thoughtful, and extremely useful presentations for our annual client event, Connect: The ForeSee Summit, aimed at helping your organization or agency better fulfill its mission.

At this year’s event, you’ll hear directly from a range of ForeSee public sector clients, such as local agencies, wide-scale federal departments, non-profits, public universities, and more. A few of the many speakers we’re excited about include:

  • Veteran Voices: Driving innovation by capturing CX Analytics 
    Improving the digital experience for our nation’s Veterans is just one aspect of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ noble mission — but one that can make a big difference when veterans and their family members seek information on benefits and healthcare services. In this session, Kim Nazi, will explain how the VA collects and acts on data to serve the veterans that rely on the VA’s My HealtheVet Patient Portal. You’ll also learn how the VA uses CX analytics to significantly improve the customer experience, how custom question sets can be leveraged in novel ways, and how the Department of Veterans Affairs uses VOC to better serve those who have served this country.
  • Beyond Conversions: Considering customer satisfaction in optimization testing
    Using clicks and conversion metrics to understand how best to optimize a website can have mixed results: that approach doesn’t gauge the impact any changes may have on a customer’s satisfaction nor does it allow for testing UX hypotheses. In this session, hear how the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is utilizing data and insights from ForeSee to improve its process for optimization identification and testing. Attendees will learn a completely new way to incorporate CX data into their business processes.
  • Overhauling navigation with CX & Feedback data: The biggest bang for your buck
    Whether you’re in the middle of redesigning your web and mobile channels or are anticipating a redesign in the near future, many organizations face the same challenge: How do you move the needle on satisfaction and task accomplishment? For the City of Calgary, focusing on navigation through the lens of CX and Feedback insights proved to be a winning strategy. In this session, City of Calgary’s Kathy Francis will discuss how the city worked in conjunction with UX and design teams to incorporate insights from ForeSee data to do just that. She will also talk about how data-driven decisions helped in identifying navigation problems, supported its proposed solutions, and achieved stakeholder buy-in. That, plus KPIs the city used to measure success, user/citizen reactions, and more.
  • Trademarking Success: Navigating a mountain of data with a cross-channel compass
    As the federal agency tasked with protecting intellectual property rights, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provides a wealth of information and resources on its website for innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations. With such an extensive and detailed site, and mountains of visitor data, knowing where to focus when making site improvements can be a challenge. Attendees will learn how USPTO built a data-informed strategy with cross-department participation to improve customer experience, and prioritize improvements based on customer insight rather than individual opinions.

We hope to see you at this year’s ForeSee Summit. If you haven’t made your decision yet, listen to what one of last year’s attendees had to say about Summit in the video interview below.

And remember, as a non-profit, government, or association attendee, you qualify for a special early bird registration rate of $375 until February 17. Contact us at summit@foresee.com to take advantage of special government and non-profit pricing.

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