February 19, 2016 | Randy Kish

Retail Customer Experience Trendsetters | The Art of Shaving


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$75 for shaving cream?

You bet! And I didn’t think twice about it. This was a big moment for me, one who refuses to pay full price for anything. How did that happen?

At the NRF Big Show this year, The Art of Shaving provided samples of their oil, cream and aftershave in small packets for attendees. Upon finding it three weeks later in the bottom of my backpack, I gave it a try and was quickly convinced to check out the store. Why did I just have the best shave of my life with a disposable Shick razor?

My thirteen-year-old daughter and I ventured to the Art of Shaving at our local San Diego mall. Upon entering the store, we were warmly greeted. They learned of my beard-piphany and pointed me to their nicely pre-packaged kit: $120 retail value. Gulp. Is there something more of a starter kit? Yes, of course: $75.

Was I under hypnosis? 

Not quite, but the next thing that happened was enchanting enough to help me join the ranks of today’s metro-men.  Before you could say “handlebar“, the store manager, Anthony, gave us a live demonstration of how it can keep me as smooth as silk. There was water, bristles, foam, suds, and cream!  It was a small show.  Not only were we completely engaged, but he also showed how that small kit would last me 60 days.

The Art of Shaving 5

Even my thirteen-year-old thought it was cool.  So, how’s that for an experience? With my purchase, they loaded me up with samples for when I travel.  Needless to say, those samples ended up in the hands of friends and neighbors.

the art of shaving 3To top it all off, there’s also an onsite barber in the back of the store who had a wait list for old-school shaves and haircuts.  Next week they’ll be hosting free shaves at a men’s apparel across the mall.


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Randy Kish is a Customer Experience Specialist and Retail Innovation Advocate at ForeSee. He joined the company in 2011, bringing over 20 years of retail experience that started on the selling floor at Nordstrom. Randy crossed over to the software side of the retail industry in 1993 with a primary focus on store operations and retail analytics. A native San Diegan, Randy earned his BA in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles and MBA in Finance from San Diego State University.

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