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The Retail Mullet: What Amazon’s new stores will look like | VentureBeat


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Retail Mullet

The following article from ForeSee VP of Marketing Eric Feinberg was first published on VentureBeat.

Amazon is an undisputed leader in digital retail, but soon the online giant will venture into the realm of physical stores. This isn’t so much a choice for Amazon as it is a necessity if the company plans to remain a leader in retail. Modern retailers need an omnichannel strategy that understands and caters to every channel that customers shop in.

So what will these physical stores look like? I predict they’ll be clean cut in the front and a bit hectic in the back — call it the Amazon mullet. By that, I mean stores will have a showroom up front with a limited selection of inventory and engaging multi-touch displays, while the distribution center will take up real estate in the back. The storefront showroom will be stocked with products chosen purposefully by data mining Amazon customer purchases for the surrounding micro-geography. The distribution center in the back will hold the less-sexy, repeat purchase products that local customers could want for instant delivery — or instant pick-up. And why not a drive-thru window for your Amazon order?

Continue reading Eric’s entire article via VentureBeat: Here’s what Amazon’s new stores will look like.

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