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Here’s how retailers can meet Gen Z’s CX expectations – CMO.com


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Generation Z Shoppers

This article by ForeSee’s Dan Chester first appeared on CMO.com.

There’s a new demographic shaking up the retail status quo: Generation Z. Also known as post-Millennials or the i-generation, this group, born after 1995, comprises more than one-quarter of the U.S. population and contributes over $44 billion to the American economy, according to a recent study. Moreover, consumer spending attributed to Gen Z is estimated to exceed $829.6 billion.

Regardless of whether Gen Z makes up a huge percentage of your customers now, you should probably be paying attention to the group’s customer experiences (CX).

Members of Gen Z are generally thought to be less focused but better multitaskers. They are known for bargain hunting and high expectations. And they desire highly individual experiences. What else should you know to better understand Gen Z and its members’ current and future role on business success? Following are four ways to improve your understanding of this emerging demographic.

Read Dan Chester’s entire article via CMO.com: “4 Ways Retail Can Meet Gen Z’s CX Expectations

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