See the Future of CX: How to Listen, Interpret, Act, and Monitor Like a Leader

Forrester’s Faith Adams explains top CX trends and how leaders apply VoC across the enterprise

“There’s so much opportunity in this space.”

That’s how Faith Adams begins her presentation, “The Future of CX: Listening, Analysis & Action on VoC Enterprise-Wide.” The webinar, co-presented with Verint’s Ben Smith, Global VP & GM, CX Solutions, is now available to watch on-demand.

Detailing those opportunities, she explains: “When you think about improving customer experience, it’s about systemic improvement. It’s about service recovery, proactive engagement with customers, meeting stakeholder needs, and creating a customer centric culture.”

When better CX helps you achieve so many things—improve communication internally and externally, improve storytelling, and reach better business outcomes like increased loyalty and return visits, reduced service costs, more lifetime value, and increased sales—why are so many businesses struggling?

“What I see is that firms are struggling to evolve,” Adams explains. “It’s a big ‘ugh’ with most companies. We see it in our Forrester data: a lot of companies are sitting in the middle. For three years in a row, 0% of brands were deemed ‘Excellent.’ Firms struggle to keep up with customer expectations. When we talk about CX, we talk about six key competencies, and we see insufficient management around those. As a result we see stagnating CX quality.”

What are the “best of the best” doing to continue to move the needle? What can you learn from them? Watch the webinar recording to walk through the most important strategies your business can take to move from stagnant to robust Voice of Customer that focuses on a “Listen – Interpret – Act – Monitor” approach.

And be sure to stay for the Q&A session, as representatives from a wide range of industries share their challenges, and Faith and Ben reply with real-world scenarios and success stories. For even more VoC insight, and to learn how Verint ForeSee can help your business become a CX leader, contact us any time.

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