July 09, 2012 | JJ Cramer

Staying Ahead of the Mobile Curve


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In my last Mobile Thoughts post, I talked about how to maximize the mobile experience to increase customer satisfaction, which, in turn, increases a company’s financial success.

This time I’d like to talk a little about the huge influence mobile has on the consumers’ journey to purchase. Mobile is making such an impact in the customer experience simply because mobile devices are convenient tools for customers to research, engage, and even purchase with the brands they love. Although it may never be the primary transaction channel or even the majority of your customer reach, don’t underestimate its importance. What we’re seeing at ForeSee are some critical factors about mobile that are making marketers pay even more attention to this rising channel of customer contact and communication. Here are a few:

  •  Mobile customers are more valuable!

The early adopters of your mobile offerings are usually multi-channel customers who tend to be higher value, and more engaged customers than single-channel customers. Retailers are telling ForeSee that the typical value of a mobile customer is exponentially higher than the average web only customer. So mobile is vital because you reach customer with greater life-time values and high spending with your brand.

  • Mobile has powerful influence

One of the fascinating things about mobile is its ability to reach customers in more active purchase states and provide more timely and relevant interactions with your customers that influence purchasing. Keep in mind that many customers are not using mobile for purchase, nor do they necessarily want to. Mobile, however, does play a critical role in the customer journey across channels to that point of purchase. And what they want is a positive experience that will effectively guide them in what they expect and hope is a seamless passage across those multiple touch points. Whether it’s for in-store look-up or on-the-go fact finding, mobile has a strong influence on its users to drive conversion to other primary points of sale such as the web or store. If you lose them along the way because of a poor multi-channel, multi-device experience, it’s very likely they won’t come back.

  •  My mobile is growing up SO fast!

The rapid growth of the mobile channel makes it even harder to know who these customers are, why they are using mobile, and whether their experience is successful. Most companies have seen their mobile traffic increase 3-5 times since this time last year and a recent report by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) states that 5 billion mobile phones were in use in 2010 – that’s 60% of the world’s population – with 12% of those being smart phones (which is predicted to grow by more than 20% each year). Keeping pace with this change is a huge challenge for companies of all sizes. Again, this is why it is so important to employ a continuous measurement solution that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

If you think about it, with the rise of the mobile movement, smart phones and tablets are emerging as the catalyst in the purchase cycle. With these particular devices, consumers can shop anywhere, anytime. And 5 billion is a lot of catalysts.

As responsible representative for the company you work for, it now becomes crucial to measure what is becoming one of the biggest influencer on the customer experience. But you cannot just measure your mobile channel. You absolutely need to measure every channel that mobile devices are a gateway to (web, email, social media, contact center), as well. Behavioral metrics just won’t do it. If you measure from the customer’s perspective with a reliable, credible, accurate, precise and sensitive technology that not only tells you what your visitors did went but what they will do next, you can stay ahead of the curve.

Those are my thoughts, now it’s your turn…

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As ForeSee’s Director of Sales, Mobile, JJ Cramer contributes to the development of institutional knowledge about the mobile customer experience, influences product innovation for ForeSee’s mobile solutions, and collaborates with ForeSee’s sales team to support clients. JJ has over 10 years of experience in digital research and is an expert in online custom research and customer analysis. JJ holds an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s degree from Springfield College. He is a former professional tennis player and has been with ForeSee since 2010.

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