August 06, 2013 | Eric Feinberg

Stream On: The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index (Media and Entertainment Edition)

Smartphones and tablets are transforming the way people digest news, follow sports, and watch TV and movies. People are essentially walking around with a global newsroom, a sports arena, widescreen HD television, and movie theater in their pocket or handbag.

With the release of the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index (Media and Entertainment Edition) today, we see that overall satisfaction with media and entertainment mobile site and app experiences is 77 on the study’s 100-point scale, with individual measured experiences ranging from 73 to 80.

The vigorous pace at which mobile use is growing provides both an obstacle and an opportunity for companies. Organizations will struggle to keep up with increasing customer demand for more mobile features and better, seamless experiences across all devices. However, companies that meet this challenge and pay attention to their customers’ wants, needs, and expectations will be rewarded with loyal customers who are more likely to use their mobile site or app as a primary resource, prefer their brand overall, and make positive recommendations about their company to family members, friends, and colleagues.

ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index Media and Entertainment Edition

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Here are some of the main highlights from the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index (Media and Entertainment Edition) released today:

  • Overall: Media and entertainment mobile sites and apps have an average customer satisfaction score of 77 on the study’s 100-point scale, which outperforms desktop news and entertainment websites (67) based on ForeSee’s Content, Media, and Entertainment Benchmark released in April 2013. iTunes registers the top score of 80.
  • Stream on: With an aggregate score of 78, the companies in the Streaming TV and Movies category provide slightly better mobile experiences than companies in the other two categories, News (77) and Sports (77).
  • Amazon is not the leader: Amazon, the customer experience titan in virtually every customer satisfaction study we have done for over a decade, is not a clear leader in the overall index with its streaming effort, Amazon Instant, let alone in the streaming category. With a satisfaction score of 78, Amazon Instant Video is simply on par with most of the companies in the category: iTunes (80), HBO Go (79), and Netflix (79).
  • The stars do not align: We now know that app store star ratings do not reveal much about how satisfied users are with these mobile apps. As a business metric, the feedback provided by tracking how many stars an app receives in an app store is questionable at best and provides no direction or insight into how a company might improve the customer’s experience.

Download the full and free ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index (Media and Entertainment Edition) for more.

Download the ForeSee Mobile Index: Media and Entertainment Edition

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