April 03, 2020 | Shannon Latta

Support Your Employees—and the Business—Right Now with Working @ Home Survey


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Everything is different right now. In response, we’re offering a Working @ Home program to help you and your employees adapt and even thrive.

Your business is facing big challenges following the upheaval from COVID-19. And your employees are adapting to new, difficult, and sometimes stressful working conditions.

The demands on people working from home now are different than those on typical remote workers. These suddenly home-bound employees are facing specific challenges:

  • Creating and maintaining a home-office space
  • Technical hurdles like low bandwidth and learning new collaboration and communications tools
  • Competing priorities with children and other family members at home

Enabling a New Working World for Your People

Verint is leveraging its Experience Cloud solutions to meet the needs of this unusual moment and help you ensure employee adaptation, engagement, and satisfaction. Our Working @ Home program allows you to:

  • Easily gather vital feedback to understand unique issues 
  • Use employee listening for two-way communications
  • Prioritize and act quickly to create optimal work conditions 

The program includes a single-page survey via URL and QR code; a branded survey theme and campaign content; tailored alerts and dashboards; live dashboard and report links; and a weekly export of responses. With no software involved, this hosted program – on us – is fast and easy to set up and activate.

We Hope this Helps

So, yes, everything is different right now. And supporting your employees could be the most important thing you do. It will have ripple effects that impact your customers and the future of your business. Everyone at Verint is focused on ensuring our clients have what they need right now to make that happen. Reach out to your account team to find out more or get started. 

About the Author

Shannon Latta is vice president of marketing and communications for Verint ForeSee, responsible for brand and positioning, content strategy, product marketing, corporate communications, and marketing results.

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