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Tablet Readers Don’t Want Interactivity?


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I came across a Mashable article, Tablet Readers Don’t Want Interactivity, Says Hearst President, by Lauren Indvik that just as perplexing as it was interesting.

This is a perfect example of how helpful applying customer experience analytics could have been in forming a successful mobile app strategy. Here, Hearst proves that many people are building the wrong thing first and then discovering the fact too late—after tapping into precious resources. If they would have just simply talked and listened to their customers they would have saved the time, trouble, and money of dissatisfying them by building the right thing first.

Hearst President, David Carey, was reported saying: “We had to find out whether people wanted something all-new and interactive, or if they just wanted the magazine in mobile form.”

Measure the Tablet Experience with ForeSeeSo instead of just developing and releasing something, why not ask YOUR readers (your customers) what they want, what they need, and what they expect from an Esquire magazine app? Listen to them. Then act on the information they give you. By doing this with reliable and precise customer experience analytics you can get it right the first time saving you time and money.

Before our friends at ABC Television could evaluate improvement areas or make any business decisions related to mobile, they used ForeSee analytics to help them understand who was using their mobile app, and the impact the experience was having on consumer engagement.  The data uncovered new key viewer segments, resulting in true actionable insights to drive their business decisions forward. All of the details about the discovery, action and outcome are available in the full ABC case study.

You can’t just throw everything at the wall and hope something sticks. Don’t develop something because you THINK you know what customers want, develop it because you KNOW what they want.

Download the ForeSee ABC Case Study

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