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Tap your customer data to improve customer satisfaction | CMSWire


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Customer Data

The following article written by ForeSee Vice President of Marketing Eric Feinberg was first published on CMSWire.

Agile marketing strategies focus on making incremental progress through processes that require teams to execute faster and quickly adapt to change.

But choosing where to focus and identifying areas where change is required depends on ready access to customer information, when it’s needed.

Marketers who incorporate business insights from customer experience (CX) data into their agile strategies increase their chances of success.

Businesses have rich sources for CX data including customer-initiated surveys, session replays, text analytics from social media comments and reviews and much more. But often times they use this data sparingly or only for specific purposes.

5 Ways Customer Data Improves Your Organization

CX data should be moved to the forefront of any marketing initiative. Below are five reasons why leveraging CX data to a greater extent will improve every customer interaction, and by extension, your organization.

1. Connect the Dots

Pulling in CX data that’s meaningful and useful will require measuring the entire experience. In doing so, you’ll gain a much clearer picture of what’s happening, as well as how to fix it. If done correctly, you can also leverage CX data to see how the experience of one touchpoint can affect others.

For example, a retail brand’s GenX shoppers usually begin their journey via the mobile app but make purchases via the desktop website. Or what if you could discover the likelihood a customer will use a retail bank’s website as the primary resource for contact center support if they’ve successfully completed an intended task?

Imagine how useful these sorts of insights could be when planning marketing and sales initiatives.

Continue reading Eric’s entire article via CMSWire: Tap Your Customer Data to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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