June 22, 2017 | The XM Blog

Tesco recognizes ForeSee with ‘Partner Agency’ award nomination


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ForeSee Award Nomination

ForeSee data is powerful. But what brings it to life and makes it actionable is our dedicated team of hundreds of CX analysts, architects, and usability experts. Our analysts pour over client data, industry benchmarks, and emerging trends to unlock CX insights and improve business decisions across the board.

Just this week one of our Customer Experience Analysts, Paola Ricoldo, was recognized by Tesco, a ForeSee client and the leading multinational grocery/general merchandise retailer, as a nominee in the company’s Partner Agency awards. Paola led a “GMO Top 10 Analysis” report, which identified the top 10 customer barriers to purchasing on Tesco Direct.

In the nomination, Tesco writes:

“Paola successfully got closer and closer to our GHS and GMO businesses and her understanding of the Direct website came through really well. Due to the concise and actionable recommendations set out in the review, we were able to present it to our Online and Fulfillment Governance with a clear view of what we were asking the teams to do. The customer-centric next steps were easy to capture, aligning stakeholders around the goal to have a website that our customers love. Senior stakeholders have agreed to review all next steps and see a new Top 10 review every 6 months; this is a powerful way for us to hold the business accountable and see step changes in our customer metrics.”

Congratulations to Paola for her excellent efforts and her demonstration of ForeSee’s grit and certainty.

To learn more about the value provided to clients by ForeSee’s CX Analyst team, visit the Professional Services page on our website.

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