June 05, 2019 | Shannon Latta

The “Best” Best Practices: Prioritizing VoC Resources for Your Business


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Verint ForeSee Brings Focus to Big-Impact VoC Strategies Unique to Your Business

There’s a lot of talk about complexity in customer experience: The journey is fragmented, digital is upending everything, customer needs change quickly, and habits change even faster. All true.

But the secrets to improving CX aren’t so secret. Insightful best practices abound. Yet, knowing what works for others is just the first step. You have to know what’s achievable in your organization based on an honest assessment of resources, culture, customer needs, and other factors. Factors we identify as part of our process for helping clients find success—success being higher customer satisfaction, more engagement, and increased operational efficiency.

Best Practices + Prioritized Insight = VoC Results  

Forrester recently published a list of the top 10 trends among Voice of Customer (VoC) leaders. It’s a smart list and a great starting point for VoC discussions at any organization.

In addition to the 10 trends, the report spells out that VoC programs can’t succeed when they are “too focused on surveys, squander unstructured and unsolicited feedback, lack full data integration, and struggle to prove business value.”

It goes on to say that “VoC leaders have executive buyin and support, they make the most of their customer feedback efforts, close the loop, drive collaboration, prioritize effectively, and prove the value of CX.”

Forrester’s Top 10 Trends Among VoC Leaders
1. More buy-in and active support from executives.
2. Cross-functional collaboration that breaks down silos.
3. Better enablement and empowerment of frontline employees.
4. A focus on unsolicited and unstructured data.
5. Integration linking VoC data and operational data.
6. A willingness to accept what the data reveals.
7. Better execution of closing the loop.
8. Embedded prioritization frameworks.
9. Democratized data.
10. Demonstrated ROI of CX.

We can help you achieve any of these: Verint ForeSee was just recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: Digital Voice-Of-The-Customer Specialist Platforms, Q2 2019. We received the highest rank in the current offering category, including the highest possible scores in the criteria of Feedback Collection Methods, Analysis Capabilities, Digital Interaction Analysis, Alerting Capabilities, Partners, and Professional Services.

You Can’t Do Everything—We Help You Do What Matters Most

But 10 objectives are a lot. Every business has to prioritize—how to invest, what to change, where to focus. Not even Amazon with its deep money, talent, and footprint resources can do everything. They and other leaders identify where they can win and follow a strategy that’s right for their organization.

“Before CX pros adopt these practices, they must first consider how each action will work within the constraints of their organization.” –Faith Adams, Forrester, Top 10 Trends Among VoC Leaders

When you partner with Verint ForeSee, you go beyond CX technology to leverage VoC strategic expertise and access to comprehensive and personalized solutions that:

  • Prioritize initiatives based on customer and business impact
  • Automate insights and drill down to real interactions
  • Achieve best in class digital experiences with data science
  • Add contact center interactions to listen at scale
  • Deliver omnichannel VoC with operational solutions

As noted in the Forrester report, clients stick with us because they like “the combination of the technology and services — with the vendor acting as a one-stop shop.” Contact us to start leveraging methodology-driven solutions and prioritizing your VoC business decisions.

About the Author

Shannon Latta is vice president of marketing and communications for Verint ForeSee, responsible for brand and positioning, content strategy, product marketing, corporate communications, and marketing results.

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